The Black Rupture

The Black Rupture was an apocalyptic event and Tashyn’s biggest event of importance.


A timeline of events can be found in the Time of Rupture era entries.
Long ago, Tashyn was ruled by magic. Society’s hierarchy and structure was largely based on the individual’s magic prowess.
There were many clans and societies, all ruled by powerful wizards. At that time men and elves were unaware of the irregularities in magic and most sought the most destructive dweomers without proper knowledge or caution.


Eventually, this led to a great crisis among the lands, as magic became more powerful, people became more foolish; portals to different dimensions were constantly being opened by power hungry wizards who sought knowledge and power from otherworldly denizens .
The gnomes were the only creatures to fully understand magic, but they had little power anywhere in Tashyn, no one respected their tempered magic, many calling it feeble and useless.
After many years of uncontrolled magic usage and countless magic battles of epic proportions, a rapture in the dimensions was created, unleashing abyssal creatures and demonic armies into the lands.
The evil spread quickly, destroying everything in its path and Tashyn entered an era called the “Time of Rupture”.
Tashyn and its inhabitants suffered unspeakable horrors for centuries, most cities were destroyed and society structure disappeared, anarchy ruled the lands.
After countless losses Tashyn’s elder races were able to group together and drive evil back into its hole.

The Black Rupture

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