Sindarin Migration

The Sindarin Migration was an event that occured in 57 PR in Nealef.


The Black Rupture brought ruin to all of Tashyn. Miraculously, civilization was able to return to the world.
During the reconstruction and re-population, each society found a scapegoat. Most blamed the wizards and other magic users for the catastrophe and since some wizards contributed to the calamity, the hatred was warranted. Other societies found it easy to persecute others at their whim. Askia was a desolate place after the last portal was closed, with its leadership completely destroyed, there was no one left to pick up the pieces.
A powerful wizard named Ozmorn Emeldir earned the people’s trust and threw the blame on non-humans. With the help of a group called Darkthorn, Ozmorn took control of Askia and enslaved every non-human he could get his hands on. This slave labor aided the rise of the Kingdom of Askia , although it deteriorated relations with its neighbors.


Led by an elf named Setadail Kam’arin, a group of activists were able to flee Askia with clever uses of powerful illusion spells. Their trek took them east, into Hawthorn, specifically Solaris which was a small frontier town at the time. Towards the end of their migration, Darkthorn managed to find their trail and almost apprehended them as they crossed the Ahl bridge.
Setadail followed an ancient prophecy of the Primordium days, which stated that a large migration of elves will cross a bridge that will allow the needy passage and stop the oppressors in their tracks.
During the crossing of the long Ahl bridge, stories say that the long bridge held thousand of people’s weight, but began to crumble as members of Darkthorn began to step foot on it.
It is unknown if the stories are true or if Darkthorn did not step on the bridge for diplomatic reasons.


Years later, Solaris became a thriving city, always accepting of refugees from all over Naelef. Since the migration, there have been several battles, but thanks to Solaris’ strategic location on the river Ahl, it still stands proudly as a beacon of hope for all who are persecuted.

Sindarin Migration

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