Askia is located on the West coast of Nealef.


Askia does not have a centralized government, it is run by wealthy lords who have formed a communal alliance which is often broken.


Although there are several towns with mixed races, most of Askia is comprised of humans.
Most humans in Askia are racist and despise all other races.

Cities and Towns

Located on the Northern-most region of Askia, just shy of The Frozen Lands, Redengas is the largest city of the region, it is home of Lord Emeldir, the wealthiest and most powerful noble in Askia. It’s army is also the strongest. There are rumors that Lord Emeldir is planning to unify Askia under one central goverment, with him at its top.

Located on the East border, Hollowind is an isolated and close minded town. Although smaller than Redengas, it lies unified due to its xenophobia, which makes this town the hardest to lay siege to. Residents of Hollowind and the outlying villages pledge their allegiance to Lord Magasse, a narrow minded nationalist and religious fanatic, follower of Erathis. Not many inhabitants of Hollowind leave the region, their ever growing fear of their Elven neighbors in The Dael-shar forest keeps them in the vicinity and always ready for a fight.

Fairhaven is the trade hub of the region. Located on the West coast, on The Fair Sea, this town houses the highest number of non-humans out of all of Askia. Foreigners are welcome in Fairhaven; most of its inhabitants are merchants, who base their decisions solely on coin and not on race.

Located on the South, Fellwool is the backwash town of Askia, most of its inhabitants are criminals, rogues and racial extremists. No Lord presides over this town, it is run by the local gangs and crime factions. Most of its outlying villages are bandit hideouts.

Geographical Locations

Plains of Mir

The Fair Sea

Lake Falx

Wastelands of the South


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