Palesius is located South of Hawthorne, on the eastern coast of Nealef.


The Kingdom of Palesius is the remnant of an ancient empire, The Golden Cloud Empire.
In present time, it consists of only four cities, although its leader, King Selentius III vows to reclaim the region of Tartol, which is mostly overrun by monsters, and reunite the old empire.


Palesius is home to a variety of races, Halfings, Dragonborn, Wood Elves, Humans and the occasional Dwarf.

Cities and Towns

This frontier city is home to many barracks and military equipment, being the closest city to Tartol, it has the largest residing military presence in the region.
The city is located in the vicinity of the Dael-shar forest. Many of the inhabitants are Wood Elves.
This city is home to the King and the center of life in Palesius. Its streets are filled with culture and ancient architecture.
There is a great sense of pride and loyalty in this city, legend says it has never successfully been sieged.
This city is mostly inhabited by Dragoborn, a lot of them which are enlisted in the King’s Army.
Kogherfell is well guarded and is home to one of the best warrior training houses in Nealef.

Geographical Locations


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