Hawthorne is located East of Askia, on the eastern coast of Nealef.
Once upon a time, Hawthorne was the northern-most region of the Golden Cloud Empire.


Hawthorne is run by Lord Terrilyn, a wealthy noble. The goverment is comprised of a cabinet, which is picked by the Lord and by local governers, whom are picked by the people. This is why Hawthorne is known as the People’s Empire.


The region’s inhabitants vary, there is a strong Nordmen and dwarven presence.

Cities and Towns

A simple mining city, located in the northern area of the region.

Samhill is diverse city located in a large mountain pass in the middle of the kingdom.

Located on the western edge of the kingdom, Solaris is mostly inhabited by refugees who fled Askia during the Sindarin Migration.

Thareveth is home to the region’s government. Lord Terrilyn and his cabinet run the region from here.
This city is home to one of the wealthiest and busiest ports in all of Tashyn.

New Brire
This city is located in the northern part of the region.

Geographical Locations

Ahl Bridge
A long bridge that crosses the large Ahl river. This rope bridge is around 2000 meters and is said to be held by ancient elven magic. Since the Sindarin Migration, the bridge has been maintained and decorated by Elves.


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