Yorg.jpgYorgs are an ancient race created by Gruumsh. A mix between the Elven races and the orcs, Yorgs have the dexterity and intelligence of Elves and the strength and ferociousness of orcs. Yorgs were banished from Tashyn when Gruumsh realized that they had too much will of their own and therefore were too hard to control. The Yorgs were sent to another plane of existence and have not been heard of since.

Physical Appearance

Most Yorgs have no pigment, their skin is pale white and their hair color is light blond or white. Their eye color is bright yellow
Their average height is 6’4" and they have a slim but very muscular frame.
Their facial features are similar to elves, other than their large fangs and lack of nose, which was inherited from their orcish kin.
A few other types or Yorgs have been seen during the Yorg Dominance Era, some with different coloring to their skin and hair, all in very light hues. There are also rare Yorgs of large size, it is not known how these types of Yorgs were created.


The conflict between orcs and Elves has always been fierce. In ancient times, the Ancient Elves had managed to gain the upper hand against their bitter rivals, when a group of elite orcs managed to kidnap the Elven king. Gruumsh summed up all his powers to combine his orc king with the Elven king, thus creating the Yorgs.
Gruumsh managed to beat back the Elves and almost annihilate them, but after a century the Yorgs’ attitude changed. Their intelligence was too much for them to be pawns in the hands of a destructive god like Gruumsh, so they created their own kingdom and did not worship any gods. The kingdom of the Yorg was vast and they enjoyed a time of great power over all of Tashyn, this era was called the Yorg Dominance Era.
But their fate was sealed when Gruumsh, with the help of many outworldy denizens, managed to banish them to another plane. During this strenuous ritual, Gruumsh lost a lot of his powers, weakening him for years to come and allowing the Elves to gain back their kingdom, thus beginning the era known as Tashyn Primordium .
In Ancient times, the Yorgs of Tashyn resided in Cirlia.

Racial Traits

Unlike genetic half breeds, which possess some of the strengths and weaknesses of the two races, Yorgs inherited all the strenght of the two races and none of the weaknesses.
Through the unholy creation by Gruumsh, Yorgs became a race of their own. They are the pinnacle of strenght and agility and also possess the intelligence of the smartest races.
The only downfall is their pigment. During the creation process, Gruumsh’s powers were strained to its limits, he planned every detail of the superior race, but was unable to keep the pigmented genes, thus making the Yorgs albinos.
Because of their lack of pigment, not only do Yorgs stand out in the darkness, but they also are unable to stay under the sun for extended amounts of time. This is why many Yorgs coat their skin in black soot.


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