The Seven Mages


The Seven Mages were a group of renegade that banded together after The Black Rapture.
These Mages were against the Guild of Arcane Evokers and magic licensing but after being captured, became servants and first members of The Inquisitoria.

Early Life

Little is known about the Seven Mages personal lives, as they were stripped of their names after capture, it has been difficult for historians to trace their past, although many believe them to be of Elven origin, due to their long life span.
They were most likely orphans and social outcasts who found strength and respect in magic.


Before The Black Rapture, the Seven Mages were part of a sect or Warlocks and Necromancers called The Shade of Eden. Any specific information relevant to this sect has been hard to come by, since they adopted an ancient Abyssal language and all their documents are written in this language.
What is known is that the Seven Mages were the most talented magic users of the entire sect and were able to climb through the ranks with ease, finally each earning seats as Elders of the sect.
The seven mages luckily escaped the grim fate that set on the Shade, since during The Black Rapture, a great ritual was undergoing in their main temple, this created a minor rapture that most likely unleashed deadly demons upon the group. The only known document describing the incident is a daily log from Balerin Daleborn, a Sergeant of the Tartol Empiral Army.


The Seven Mages used the chaos that ensured during the raptures to their advantage; they invested heavily in the necromantic and demonic arts, thus they were able to control some of the rapture demons and also use the dead left in their wake.
With a small undead army in their control, the Seven Mages managed to continue some of the work the demons had started. They looted every destroyed village and town, gaining enough capital to hire mercenaries. It wasn’t until the Guild of Arcane Evokers was created and started hunting them, that the mages were challenged.
After many skirmishes, in 118 DR, the mages were finally defeated and held captive. Nackelmip Lightbringer, the arch-mage of the guild at the time, believed it would be in their best interest to keep the mages alive and use them as a tool of justice.
After a strange ritual, the Seven Mages became the first members of The Inquisitoria, stripped of their powers of reasoning, but still capable of destructive magic, the mages hunt every mark of the guild with bloodthirsty desire and relentless passion.
Although over a millennia has passed since their mage hunting duties first began, tales of seven hooded creatures wandering the night looking for unlicensed mages still circulate remote villages of the realm.

The Seven Mages

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