The Inquisitoria

The Inquisitoria is a secret organization of Mage Hunters who seem to work at the bidding of the Guild of Arcane Evokers.


The Inquisitoria was founded in 120 DR, 6 years after the creation of the Guild of Arcane Evokers, its beginnings are questionable to say the least.
After The Black Rupture, a group of seven powerful wizards, The Seven Mages, decided to go against the newfound Guild of Arcane Evokers. They were brutal and merciless, slaying innocents to ingest their powers and even using their bones to create undead minions.
The renegade group put up a fight for several years, until finally being captured by the Guild.
Being that it was their first public Mage hunt, the leader of the Guild at the time, Nackelmip Lightbringer one of the founding fathers, decided to be lenient on the renegades and simply strip them of their magical powers. A great ritual ensued, all the highest ranking Mages of the Guild put their powers together in an attempt to dismiss the evil magic the seven mages possessed
After many hours of incredible strain, the Guild believed to have found victory at last. The seven renegades became frail, as if their life force had been siphoned out of them.
But the magic was too powerful, although the mages had lost their sense of reasoning, their incredible magical powers remained.
Through powerful charms and rigid training, the seven mages eventually became loyal servants of the Guild and inevitably, the first members of their Mage Hunting Squad, or what is now known as “The Inquisitoria”.


Little is known of the Inquisitoria’s hierarchy, the only known ranks are the following:

  1. Adept
  2. Hunter
  3. Arcane Assassin
  4. Oracle
  5. Justiciar

Notorious Hunters

Although most Mage Hunters are incognito, some are flamboyant and other have earned infamy through many dark deeds, here are the only known names of some notorious hunters:

The Inquisitoria

Tashyn CheezRavioli