Tashyn Names

Ancient Tashyn Names

During ancient times, people were known by a single name unless they were royalty or of heroic status.
Members of Royalty would pass down their second name throughout the generations and Heroes would have “son of” after their name, although the heroic status would fade unless heirs could commit heroic acts thenselves.

Pre-Rapture Names

In Pre-Rapture times, names were based on past deeds. A person would inherit the father’s last name at birth, but through their own deeds, would then be able to gain a unique last name. After earning a new last name the family name would then become a middle name.
It was deemed prestigious to have several middle names, whether bad or good, notoriety was usually gauged by the number of middle names one had.
During official naming of a person, (which would occur during an event involving members of royalty or leadership) the father and grandfather’s last names would also be mentioned and at times the mother’s as well.
An example of an official naming:
‘’"Blathazar Brimstone Staffbearer the Enlightnened, son of Salaren Brimstone, son of Haltamen Crimsonhand"’’

Post-Rapture Names

When societies rebuilded after the rapture, a simpler naming convention began.
A person’s last name would reflect the family name passed down by their forefather and only through great deeds could someone receive a title.
Some societies (such as the Nordmen) still use Pre-Rapture naming or similar naming conventions.

Tashyn Names

Tashyn CheezRavioli