Surface Dwarves

Most dwarves spend their entire lives working and fighting underground, in light-less tunnels and cities.
Those dwarves that have dared the frigid cold and bright lights of the surface world to follow the orders of their beloved king have had made a name for themselves, the Surface Dwarves.


After a period of consistent trading with the outside world, several trading outposts had been created on the surface. Inevitably these outposts grew in size and eventually became cities, many dwarves were born in such surface cities and did not fear the sky or the open air, therefore earning the name Surface Dwarves.


Surface Dwarves are identical to their underground kin, this title is more of a creed and lifestyle differentiation than a race difference. The only palpable difference is that Surface Dwarves often have a darker skin tone, due to their contact with the sun and its powerful rays reflecting off the snow.


Surface Dwarves keep dear to all Dwarven customs. Although they are much more accepting of other races than their subterranean kin. Surface Dwarves are still a very reclusive race, only allowing selected individuals to live within their cities.


Most surface dwarves co-inhabit the region of Arimandar with the Nordmen.


Surface Dwarves

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