Silver Arrow Empire

The Silver Arrow Empire was an empire that controlled most of Rodari after the Yorg Dominance Era


The Silver Arrow Empire was founded by Kolto Stronghand Silver Arrow (see Tashyn Names)best known as Kolto Silverarrow.
Through heroic feats, Kolto Silverarrow became one of the most pivotal figures of the Yorg Dominance Era.
Prior to the Empire’s founding, the Danesian Knights were considered one of the most important groups in the liberation from the Yorgs and the Silver Arrow Knight continue their tradition.
The Knights were rebels to the Yorg Empire and were remnants of the Danesian Kingdom one of the first empires ever founded.


The Black Rupture was the Empire’s downfall, it was impossible for the kingdom to remain whole after demons ravaged entire cities within days.


In recent years, the Silver Arrow Empire has become a political party with the ambition to unite all of Rodari under the Silver banner.
Their campaign in Babasko stands against aristocrats and boasts about Kolto Silverarrow’s farmer upbringing. Their outlook is highly militaristic and traditional, they are highly patriotic but not racial, they welcome any inhabitant of Rodari to join them. They are supporters of controlling magic and are fearful of magic abuse.

Silver Arrow Empire

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