Nordmen are descendants of barbaric and nomad tribes. These were weaker tribes, driven away from areas with food and water, due to necessity, these tribes formed a communal alliance.
After many years of mixing, the tribal links blurred and these humans started going by the name of Nordmen.


Physically, Nordmen are larger than the common human of Tashyn, but not as large as the nomadic barbarians, due to the mixing of other smaller human races. Nordmen have powerful beards and big hands which are ideal for axe wielding and pillaging. A typical Nordmen will be hard to take down because of his thick and powerful figure.


Nordmen still hold to some ancient barbarian customs and religious beliefs. They are powerful warriors that combine barbarian instincts with human discipline, therefore Nordmen armies are feared by many in Tashyn.


They co-inhabit the region of Arimandar with the Surface Dwarves and have therefore created a good relationship with the reclusive race.


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