Mitrik is a minor race in Tashyn. Mitrik spawns are made of magic and spend most of their life sifting through the fibers of magic.


Mitriks have a humanoid shape, their height is usually between 5’7" to 6’. Their skin is dark gray and it made of tight fibers that stretch all across their bodies.
They lack a mouth, but have deep black on black eyes, it is said that staring deeply into a Mitrik’s eyes brings madness.
Their entire body is made of dense magic, making their weight shift between the weight of a gnome and the weight of a young giant.


Little is known of the Mitrik’s initial origin, legends say that a powerful wizard created them long ago to help him build the most powerful tower ever built.


All Mitrik are recluse, they are incapable of speaking and lack facial expressions, making all social interactions supremely difficult. Wizards and psionic experts use telepathy to communicate with the Mitrik, it is assumed that the Mitrik can communicate telepathically between themselves, but they rarely communicate with other sentient races.
This strange race of creatures is not capable of eating conventional food, they sustain themselves on magic, but are not “magic eaters” they recycle the magic, slightly modifying the fibers through the process.
The Mitrik’s temperament is very calm and collected, members of this race are too engrossed in magic to care about anything else; although they have been known to react violently to magic violations and disturbances in the fibers of magic.
Mitrik don’t have a social system, therefore they live amongst the other races of Tashyn, they are highly sought for their understanding of magic and great powers. The Guild of Arcane Evokers uses Mitriks to monitor the dweomers placed on their members, it is estimated that 90% of the Mitrik’s race resides within their compounds.

Lifespan and Reproduction

The Mitrik’s lifespan is a short 20 years, within this time, a male Mitrik must constantly increase the flow of magic within him to attract a female, since females only mate with males that have a higher magic flow than theirs this becomes a very competitive ordeal.
A Mitrik usually waits for his last year of life to mate with a female, since this results in the death of the male.
The years leading to his last, the Mitrik might commit a pilgrimage to distant lands in hopes to track down a female Mitrik of lesser power than himself.
During mating, the male takes a non corporeal form and enters the female’s body, who in turn remains paralyzed for a day. After the mating is over, the male has instilled his magic power and knowledge into his offspring, who lay in gestation pods for ten days. A litter of Mitrik usually contains between 2 to 4 pods.
When the pods are ready, full grown Mitriks appear, at this point the Mitriks have the father’s power and knowledge, along with some of the mother’s. This process greatly reduces the mothers powers, therefore females who have laid pods are highly sought from weak Mitriks.


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