Physical Appearance

Lorukels are humanoid size, slightly taller due to their tall forehead. Their average weight is also slightly heavier than humans due to the size of the growths found on their body.
A Lorukel’s most distinguishable feature is its growths, called parandees. The parandees are growth of tough skin, almost shell-like, found mainly on the forehead, chest, hands and feet area. These growths differ in each Lorukel. The parandees are always rough when on a male and smooth on females. A male with a large amount of parandees is considered tough and virile.
A Lorukel’s head is long and rectangular shape, their forehead takes the most space and it has parandees starting from the back of the head going all the way to the brows.
Lorukels have two pairs of eyes and tubes in place of a mouth, speaking is achieved via air flow and vibrations through the tubes.


Their life span is 150 years. Lorukels do not lose their physical strength until age 100, once a Lorukel turns a century old, he is considered and elder and starts aging very rapidly and loses its entire physical prowess. It is said that with their sudden loss of strength, Lorukel elders gain an enormous amount of intelligence and wisdom. Most Lorukel elders turn to a life of study or government work.


Lorukels are reserved, logical, blunt, secretive and emotionless.


Lorukels live in the Kingdom of Ura where they are not allowed to leave unless they have special permission from the government. Since immigration is very strict in Ura, most Lorukels do not take kindly of Biasi’s(non Lorukels) who enter their kingdom. Although Lorukels seem narrow minded, they are a very civilized race. Politics and trade are the race’s main concerns. Lorukel society is largely based on bureaucracy, everything is structured and laws are very strict. With that comes law enforcement; much of the Lorukel’s wealth is spent on military and law enforcement to keep everyone obeying the rules. Politics though, cause the main struggle within their kingdom.
The Lorukels are split in different factions: Krakos-Bem, the K-Aee’Iamou Faction, the Light of Erathis, the guild of Ura, the followers of La-to’Ramis and the Keepers.


Krakos-Bem is a word in Lorukel, meaning ‘freedom’. This faction is very popular amongst the people and many small cities and villages follow them. Their freedom guards can be found roaming towns and guarding trade routes. Their leader is a young but wise Lorukel by the name of Ol’tis-Ak.

The K-Aee’Iamou Faction

This faction holds the largest army and the best strategist, they broke off from the old Order with a military coup. The only thing that seems to stop this faction from gaining total control is their lack of political pull.

The Light of Erathis

This religious sect blindly follows the will of Erathis. Their goal is to take over the mountain passes and gain control over every ounce of natural resource to create industry. Although most Lorukels do not care about environmental issues, they also frown upon religious organizations. It is rumored that their city holds the most Lorukels in the kingdom of Ura, disguised with robes, masks and face paint.

The Guild of Ura

This faction is what is left of the old Oder. The rightful heir of the throne, Fa-Ro’Melean, is the guild’s leader. This faction has the most support from the people but lacks the resources to win over the other factions.

The Followers of La-to’Ramis

The followers of La-to’Ramis refuse to call themselves anything else. There isn’t much to say about the faction other than the fact that they follow La-to’Ramis’ every bidding. La-to’Ramis is Fa-Ro’Melean cousin and a cruel politician who some say, has gained psychic powers and has controlled a large group of followers. In his hometown of Maatre he has 100% approval rate, which is unheard of among Lorukels. The Followers themselves are usually not seen roaming the cities, they usually are stuck inside La-to’Ramis’ fortress studying or conducting some sort of magic. Little else is known about their activities.

The Keepers

A secret society, only Lorukels hold the knowledge of The Keepers.


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