Fellowship of the Mind

The Fellowship of the Mind is part of the Guilds of Tashyn and is an organization of Psions located in the cities across Tashyn with large psionic activity


After magic became licensed, magic users began to think of ways of avoiding being controlled. One of these ways was to learn the arts of the mind. By channeling these powers, psionics were able to use a relatively unheard of style of magic, without violating the Guild of Arcane Evokers laws, after all, it is not possible to open gates to the netherworld with psionic magic.
Although a second instance of The Black Rapture could not happen if psionics over indulged in their powers, other problems became apparent. Psionic magic allows the caster many powers of manipulations, in short order, several kingdoms were overthrown and Tashyn seemed on the verge of another cataclistic event.
The great psionic Verg Siamlou, was so powerful that he could tap into the minds of every single psion and sense what spells they were using. Verg was a friend of the Guild of Arcane Evokers and with their help, he found the Fellowship of the Mind.
The Fellowship is very much like the Arcane Evokers Guild, it forces psionists to register and forces them to wear a trinket that acts as a conduit to the mind seers of the fellowship, who act monitor psionist activities.


The Hierarchy of the Fellowship of the Mind is rather unusual. Instead of ranks being above each other, they share a rather parallel relationship. The fellowship acts as a whole when decisions are made, using their psionic abilities to communicate as one entity.

Mind Disciple

The disciples are people who are still training in the psionic arts, they are numerous and are rarely found inside the Fellowship’s towers.


Seekers are psionics who mastered the arts, but would rather explore the world to use psionic powers for whatever cause they seem appropriate. A seeker usually only comes to a Fellowship’s tower upon request.

Mind Seer

A Mind Seer is a powerful psionist who dwells within the compounds of the Fellowship. Rarely seen outside, he uses his mind’s eye to warp from one Seeker to another and observe their behavior. The Seers are the ones who alert the Fellowship of any infractions of the rules.


The Senseless are the most powerful psionists of them all, they have lost their normal communication means to the outside world (sight and speech) and communicate only through psionic powers. They confine themselves to Fellowship structures, but can be seen outside on occasion.

Enlightened One

The Enlightened Ones combine psionic powers with other talents. They are often leaders and count for all the Fellowship representatives in each city.


Although mind seers have great powers and can feel the psionic powers being used, they cannot gauge the intent.
The Fellowship has several strict rules:

  1. You will not submit any individual to forcefully commit a physically self-detrimental act.
  2. You will not submit any individual to forcefully commit a lude act of a sexual nature.
  3. You will not force any person of power to abdicate from their position through a manipulation of the mind.
    If these tenants are not followed, the Fellowship will locate the mage and bring them to justice, possibly with the help of The Inquisitoria.

Mage Hunting

Fellowship of the Mind

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