Vlandor Beau-Pre

Vampire politician from Serpentine


Vlandor is tall, slim built, has straight jet black hair and a pale skin complexion.



Vlandor was born at the beginning of the Post Rapture Era, around 10 PR. He was the son of a wizard named Tarche Beau-Pre and a bar wench named Isabelle.
After his birth, Vlandor was taken away from his mother to live with his father in hs estate, where he undertook rigorous training in the arcane.
These events unfolded during the rise of the Guild of Arcane Evokers, Tarche Beau-Pre was leading a small faction of morally dubious magic users in creating a separate guild called the Star of Gellen. The group’s main ideal was to oppose the tracking of magic users across Tashyn and the use of banned magic.
Vlandor’s father was physically and emotionally abusive towards Vlandor and as the child failed top meet his father’s expecations, the abuse increased.
In his teenage years, Vlandor escaped his father’s estate and hid into a cave system in the nearby mountains, where he lived as a hermit.
In this time, he sought after his mother and eventually discovered that she was murdered.
Enraged, Vlandor began plotting revenge against his father, who he blamed for his mother’s death. He spent the following years practicing necromancy.
Because of his dark magic experiments, Vlandor mistakenly attracted a feral vampire spawn, who attacked him and left him to die.
The attack turned Vlandor into a vampire.

Vampire Beginnings

Vlandor developed a thirst of blood and began claiming victims from rural towns in the area.
After he accustomed himself to his new life, he discovered that his powers had increased tenfold. This is when Vlandor began planning revenge on his father.
One night, Vlandor snuck into his father’s estate and slaughtered him and his associates as they slept.
After the killing, Vlandor took the estate as his own.

Vlandor Beau-Pre

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