Nackelmip Lightbringer

One of the founders of the Guild of Arcane Evokers


Big ears, thick receding hair and small eyes. That’s how Nackelmip was remembered through the ages.
He insisted on wearing robed which were too big for him, which gave him a comical look. Yet there was nothing comical about this gnome’s magical abilities and scholarly knowledge.


Nackelmip Lightbringer was one of the founding fathers of the Guild of Arcane Evokers. He was also the first Arch Mage of the Guild and one of the most renowned Wizards of all Tashyn.

Early life

Nackelmip grew up in a secluded Gnome community. His father was the arch-mage of the village they lived in.
Young Nackelmip had an excellent desposition for magic and he quickly climbed the ranks, assuming the role of advisor at the young age of 30.


Gnomes spent many years studying magic before casting their first spell. They might not be the most powerful spellcasters, but they are definitely the most knowledgeable.
Nackelmip was one of the top magic scholars in all of Tashyn. He spent a great deal of his life attempting to tutor mages of other races, so that he may help them understand the great risk that they were taking.
After decades of hard work, the inevitable could not be stopped and Tashyn fell to The Black Rupture.


Almost immediately after the first rupture opened, the elder races decided to turn to gnomes to fix their problems.
Nackelmip was one of the scholars that were part of the rift seal ritual that saved the realm.
After the rifts were all closed, Nackelmip was held in very high regard, and eventually became the arch-mage of Guild of Arcane Evokers.

Nackelmip Lightbringer

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