Balerin Daleborn

Tartol Imperial Army Sergeant - Pre-Rupture


A strong nose, dark hair and a chiseled jaw. Balerin was handsome and tall. His eyes were alert and his lips quick to speak.


Balerin Daleborn was a Sergeant of the Tartol Imperial army, his claim of fame comes from the his ability to escape the horrors him and his troops went through when stumbling upon a dark temple associated to The Shade of Eden.

Early Life

Balerin was born in Synthia, capital of Tartol. He spent most his youth practicing to become an officer of the imperial army.
He became an officer during one of the first wars of The Black Rapture due to his superior’s death.

Commanding officer logs

These are the logs relevant to Balerin’s time in the temple, some of the text has been due to time and bad record keeping.
‘’Our battalion has been split, someone triggered some sort of intelligible text’’
‘’This is my first official log as commanding officer, we are in a strange winding hallway, it looks like we are underground, unfortunately any of the expert dungeoneers were not caught in whatever brought us down here’’
‘’Five casualties have been reported due to traps, there is a terrible smell lingering these halls’’
‘’I believe this might be a Shade of Eden temple, I am staring at mural of the Shade’s insignia’’
‘’There are three statues of intelligible text they look like they are watching our every move’’
‘’We found the source of the smell, it is a very disturbing sight. I am unsure as to how many bodies are here, at least three dozens, there are body parts everywhere’’
‘’We were ambushed and have had to retreat, somehow these doors are holding them back, these creatures are intelligible text’’
‘’We continue to retreat and barricade, we have lost more than half of our troops, Pelor help us’’
‘’Pelor bless Tiliador, he teleported us back to safety, I relinquish my command to my superior, no hints of where we actually were, nor do I want to find out’’

Death and Legacy

Balerin was promoted to Corporal after his heroic deeds and commanded several Imperial Army battalions into battle
Despite his great luck and leadership skills, Balerin fell victim to a barbed arrows from a group of renegades in the outskirts of the empire.

Balerin Daleborn

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